Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Follow this link to learn more about AIS Snapshot Day,
A statewide event to monitor lakes for Invasive Species.
Pigeon Lake will be monitored this year!!!
Volunteers needed. Short commitment for some good information.
Sat. Aug. 5, 2017
8:30-1pm Meet in Barnes


Thursday, July 13, 2017


                                                                             (608) 334-2161

    "the more, the merrier"
                                                                  Linda will provide the main dish. 

                                              Please bring lawn chairs, a dish to  share and beverages.  

Monday, May 22, 2017

Northwest lakesConference information here:


I attended last year and hope to go again this year. It was time well spent!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Lake Friends:
Below is the letter sent by your BCLF to the DNR regarding the hearing on proposed weakening of dredging rules on waterfront property.
Please share with all on your lake, asking each waterfront owner to send a very brief email note opposing  any dredging rules changes.


(Sample email note is at bottom of page)

From: Bayfield County Lakes Forum
Re: BCLF opposed to dredging rules changes

The Bayfield County Lakes Forum stands firmly AGAINST the Wisconsin DNR proposed change to dredging permit rules. The rule currently in the books includes criteria and safeguards regarding dredging that protect lakes, rivers, streams, and wetland environments.  The newly proposed change to dredging permit rules would adversely expose our lakes, rivers and surface waters to lasting and irreparable damage.  This damage includes but is not limited to; the release of toxic materials into waters, damage to fisheries and fish habitat, destruction of ecosystems, reduction in water quality, reduction in sediment and shoreline stability.  Changes to shore land buffer zones will adversely affect habitats important to native birds, amphibians, mammals and reptiles. 

The adverse consequences of lake and stream bottom dredging would negatively affect Wisconsin waterfront properties, their natural structures, as well as property value and property taxes to the state. Our state has long relied on the Wisconsin Public Trust Doctrine which states that the water belongs to the people.  Permitting dredging implies ownership of the land under the water.  Allowing individuals to dredge will result in the long term altering of our lakebeds, streambeds, and wetlands for the short-term financial gain of a few select individuals. It will also change the face of our waters and state forever.

Wisconsin’s Waters Belong to Everyone

As previously stated, Wisconsin lakes and rivers are public resources, owned in common by all Wisconsin citizens under the states Public Trust Doctrine.  Based on the state constitution, this doctrine has been further defined by case law and statute.  It declares that all navigable waters are “common highways and forever free” and held in trust by the Department of Natural Resources.

The state of Wisconsin has a responsibility to protect our waters and must not allow a blanket permit that does not consider how removing material will negatively impact our waterways.  Therefore, The Bayfield County Lakes Forum, representing 22 lake associations and over 3,000 tax-paying waterfront owners urges the Natural Resources Board and the Department of Natural Resources to reject any DNR rules changes regarding dredging of public waters.

On Behalf of the Bayfield County Lakes Forum

Ellen Lafans, Board Member
Crystal Lake / Cable Wisconsin

​NOTE to Bayfield Co waterfront owners:

BCLF looks out for our waters and your property values.

All who value our lakes and streams should send a quick email note to
dnrwywrzguidance@wisconsin.gov NO LATER THAN MARCH 3.
The more emails, the better.
Example: "Our family opposes any weakening of the DNR rules on dredging in or near our public waters. Wilbur & Wilma Waterwise, Pretty Lake, Bayfield County, Wisconsin."

Monday, February 20, 2017

New Neighbors.

Please join us to welcome our new neighbors - Tim Syring and Patti Correll Syring.
They have acquired Mark Correll's cabin on Pigeon Lake at the west end between Ahlvin's and Ringlesetter's on County Hwy N.
Both Tim and Patti are looking forward to meeting more residents on Pigeon Lake.
Say hi to them when you have a chance. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Hello everyone! I have attached the AIS Committee Meeting agenda for next week Wednesday, as well as the minutes from the last meeting for your perusal. I have also listed the agenda in the email body below. If you have any questions about the agenda or meeting location, please email me. Please be informed that the Bayfield County Aquatic Invasive Species Committee will meet:

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Location: Conference Room A in the Courthouse building, Washburn, WI


The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1.     Call to Order

2.     Introductions

3.     Public Comment

4.     Approval of Minutes from 11-30-2016

5.     Grant Updates

6.     Discussion: Eagle Scout project focused on AIS monitoring and control in NCWMA service area

7.     Discussion: DIY field equipment

8.     AIS Coordinators Report

9.     Partner/Department Reports

10.   Future AIS Activities

a.     Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention, Holiday Inn Convention Center in Stevens Point, April 5-7

b.     Invasive Species ID Days, Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center, dates TBA

c.     Chequamegon Bay Area Partnership Symposium, Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center, April 13

d.     St. Croix Summit, UW-River Falls, April 21-22

11.   Other Business

12.   Adjournment

Any person wishing to attend who, because of a disability, requires special accommodations, should contact the LWCD at 715-373-6167, at least 24 hours before the scheduled meeting time, so appropriate arrangements can be made.

Thank you!

Andrew Teal
Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator
Bayfield County Land & Water Conservation Department
615 2nd Avenue East
P.O. Box 126
Washburn, WI 54891
Phone: (715) 373-6167
Fax: (715) 373-6127

Monday, February 13, 2017

DNR - Proposed rules for small scale dredging

Public input opportunity
The department is announcing its intention to issue a statewide waterway general opermit (GP) for dredging of lakes and streams in Wisconsin. Once in place, the permit will be valid for five years and will allow applicants to apply for coverage under the permit to dredge up to 25 cubic yards from streams and inland lakes and up to 100 cubic yards from the Great Lakes if the project meets all eligibility criteria and conditions. The department is inviting written comments on the proposed general permit and has scheduled two public informational hearings.


Tony Janisch  |  Executive Director
Bad River Watershed Association
PO Box 875, Ashland, WI 54806
(715) 682-2003  |  badriverwatershed.org<mailto:janisch@badriverwatershed.org>
The WIDNR is resurrecting dredging of streams and lakebeds.
Here is a link to more information and sites for public input.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

BCLF meeting this Saturday 9am at the Drummond Community Center.
John Richter on Shoreland Zoning will be the main speaker.
Please come if you can. Also discussion and information re: the CAFO in the Chequamegon Bay watershed.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Update of Pigeon Lake campsite - by Trish Bantle

Following is an e-mail thread between myself and Jason Bodine regarding PLFS.
I feel like we are getting a little more info.....
I will keep publishing as I find out more.

From: Jason Bodine [mailto:JBodine@bayfieldcounty.org
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2016 3:54 PM
To: Trish Bantle
Subject: RE: PLFS
I did hear back from the Forest Service.  They have submitted a request to purchase (I believe as a joint project with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Parks Service…thought that part was unclear).  He had no idea on a timeline or odds of receiving funds.  I know BCPL is eager to divest.  Will let you know if/when I hear anything else.  Sorry I really couldn’t find out anything you didn’t already know.

From: Trish Bantle 
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2016 5:02 PM
To: 'Jason Bodine'
Subject: RE: PLFS
That the Forest Service has SUBMITTED a request to purchase is significant I would think…
Who is he? (as in: He had no idea on a timeline or odds of receiving funds. ….)

And Submitted to who?
Also, who/what is BCPL….oh I think I have it Bayfield County Public Lands? Am I correct about this?
Jason you are getting much further than I was…or perhaps you understand the lingo more.
I really appreciate your efforts and also keeping me informed, and answering my questions. (I know there is no such thing as a dumb question, yet I know some of these might seem dumb to you!)
Thank you,
Trish Bantle

From: Trish Bantle [mailto:tbantle@durand.k12.wi.us
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2016 5:02 PM
To: Jason Bodine <JBodine@bayfieldcounty.org>
Subject: RE: PLFS
That the Forest Service has SUBMITTED a request to purchase is significant I would think… Yes.  It definitely means they value the property enough to try for it.
Who is he? (as in: He had no idea on a timeline or odds of receiving funds. ….)  Forest service contact who is familiar with the project.

And Submitted to who?  Not exactly sure where it was submitted or if it was part of a specific grant.  I suspect it was submitted through internal Federal channels that would compete with other internal projects for Federal dollars.    

Also, who/what is BCPL….oh I think I have it Bayfield County Public Lands? Am I correct about this?  Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (a state agency).  They are the ones selling the property.  Believe the appraised value is $1.32 million.
Jason you are getting much further than I was…or perhaps you understand the lingo more.
I really appreciate your efforts and also keeping me informed, and answering my questions. (I know there is no such thing as a dumb question, yet I know some of these might seem dumb to you!)  Not a problem.  Only wish I had more information to share.
Thank you,
Trish Bantle

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Enjoy 2 important speakers at the Bayfield County Lakes Forum 2016 ANNUAL MEETING, Saturday, Oct 8, 9 AM, at the Drummond Community Center in Drummond. All lake groups should send at least one rep.
This year’s meeting will feature Mary Dougherty, key advocate of protecting our region from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Mary will provide handouts featuring the main highlights and will follow up with a Q&A. Because of the potential impact of CAFOs on Bay Co’s waters and Lake Superior, and because of many of our legislators seek to allow a CAFO in Bay Co, your BCLF places this issue high on our priority list.
Your BCLF Board has learned that John Richter will also speak. John leads the Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative (WSI), the primary force working to return local control of shoreland zoning to our counties while trying to fend off other assaults on our lakes such as private dredging, mining under our lakes, and other insults. BCLF, Northwest Waters, and many area lake associations have contributed to the WSI effort in anticipation of worse things to come in the 2017 legislative session.
The BCLF business meeting will be brief in order to allow our speakers ample time. It is very important that your lake association send at least one rep to this meeting, more if possible. If you have not yet made your 2016 contribution to BCLF, our treasurer will graciously accept your check. Individual donations are also welcome.
Although there will be no election of directors on October 8, BCLF encourages those who value our waters to show their willingness to protect them by supporting BCLF however possible. Come share a snack, have a cup of coffee, and learn more about how you and BCLF can protect your waterfront property values.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Here is the first of several reminders that Oct 8th at 9am in Drummond at the Community Center, the Bayfield County Lakes Forum will hold their annual meeting.
The main speaker will be Mary Doughty regarding the proposed CAFO near Iron River.

We also are hoping that John Richter will be able to speak on what is happening with the new Shoreland Zoning Law.

Both are issues that could have a huge impact on the future of Bayfield County's waters.

Snacks will be served!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pigeon Lake Camp Update - Trish Bantle

I spoke with Tom German of the Public Lands Office again yesterday. He had not heard anything further from the USFS. He has been in a holding pattern while waiting for a letter of intent from them. Tom said he will not wait much longer. If he doesn’t hear from them in the next couple weeks the camp will go up for Public Auction. He said the way this happens is that he has to publish the sale for 2 weeks in at least the local news publications. Then, the 3rd week is the auction.  To bid an offer must be made with a check for either 10 or 20% of the purchase price. He said the lowest price considered would be the appraised value. (3.1 million I believe) I asked for a name of someone in the USFS I could speak with and he gave me the name of John McNeil in Rhinelander. I tried to call their office, but had no luck getting through. I then spoke with Jason Bodine with Bayfield County. The county had mentioned they would possibly be interested in a partnership. I gave Jason the information regarding the USFS and he said he would call John McNeil and see what they are thinking. Jason said he would share any information he hears from John with me and I will pass it on!

Fish habitat improvement on our lake....

Hi Trish – The timeline for Pigeon Lake will be the summer of 2017 or 2018.  We did some tree drops on other lakes this year.  I believe we will be using tree drops for Pigeon Lake as well. 


Forest Service Shield
Matt Bushman
Botanist and Acting Wildlife Biologist
Forest Service
Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest,
Washburn Ranger District
p: 715-373-2667 x246
f: 715-373-2878
113 Bayfield Street East
Washburn, WI 54891
http://wwwstatic.fs.usda.gov/images/email/usda-logo.png Twitter Logo Facebook Logo
Caring for the land and serving people

Monday, September 12, 2016

Minutes of Annual Meeting - by Trish Bantle

Minutes from the Pigeon Lake Association Meeting on 9/2/2016

The picnic and meeting was hosted by Karen and Les Watters. In attendance were:

Linda Auchue
Trish Bantle
John and Jane Donner
Doug and Julie Hayes
Andrew Hong
Marge Hotter
John and Diana Hutter
John and Sandy MacLaughlin
Marilyn Miller
Mary Ringelstetter
Lance and Susan Ritchie
Liz Wandrey and Dave

John called the meeting to order and announced his attention to retire from the board. Trish Bantle volunteered to take on the duties of President. The group voted to approve. Linda Auchue volunteered to take the position of Vice President which the group also voted to approve. Audrey Hutter was not in attendance but communicated that she would like to step down from her position as Secretary/Treasurer. Susan Ritchie volunteered to take over the treasurer’s position while Sandy MacLaughlin volunteered to be secretary. Lance Ritchie volunteered to take the depth readings and report them to the state. 

Trish started a discussion regarding some of the issues that have come up over the past year that could affect both the quality of the lake itself as well as the quality of life on the lake. These issues include the potential sale of the Pigeon Lake Field Station and development of that land, the effect of the gravel pit on the aquatic plants in the lake, the noise level of the gravel pit and the legislative changes regarding building set backs on class 3 lakes. 

Lance and Susan Ritchie brought up some of the ways they are approaching these types of issues on Bear Lake. Lance also mentioned the dark color of the water in Pigeon Lake is from the decaying vegetation. It should clear up in a year or two. 

Trish suggested putting together an information folder for new lake residents. There are quite a few properties for sale on the lake and it would help to inform new residents about where the loons nest, the boating rules, etc. There were incidents this summer involving boats chasing the loons and parking on the island to swim.

Les communicated information regarding boating operation and safety rules. The narrows should be a no wake zone. 

Please take a moment to thank John MacLaughlin for the time he spent as President and all the work he put into keeping the group informed and the association together. It was a much longer tenure than he had intended when he took it on and we all appreciate his willingness to stay until someone else stepped up. 

John mentioned that Jim Auchue passed away last May. Jim served as Vice President for the association and was very committed to preserving the quiet and natural beauty of the lake, along with the fish population. 

Dan Iverson passed away on August 21st. A link to his obituary is below:

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pigeon Lake Camp Update

Trish just spoke with Tom German at the Public Lands Office.
 tom.german@wi.gov   608-267-2233
His latest on PLFS is that now the Forest Service may be interested in acquiring it with Federal Grant Monies.
He said he has repeatedly asked the FS about acquiring the camp and has always gotten a definite "No." Then out of the blue heard from a Jenny (last name unknown)with the USFS out of Park Falls and Jeff Nell who he believes is out of Park Falls and Rhinelander that the Forest Service has an interest.
This was as a couple of weeks ago. He asked that they send him some kind of intent of interest in writing, and at this point has not received that.
I asked if there had been any other interest and he mentioned "a gentleman" out of the MSPLS, but had no further information about the gentleman. I asked him if he was the person I should be talking to, to gather information about the camp and he said yes, but he would need to talk to co-workers to find info on "the gentleman."
I sent him my email and phone numbers, and asked that he please share any information he receives about camp with me.Forest Service would be awesome, fingers crossed that happens!
Wanted to share. I have not had a chance to follow up on the folks in the USFS (Jenny and Jeff) who are looking in to this. School is starting......but will keep you all informed as I become informed. Please do the same for me!
Thank you!Trish 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

 I just got off the phone with Matthew Koshollek, our game warden, who continues to follow up on the loon situation from a couple weeks ago. He has been on the lake but has yet to spot the boat. I think I gave him better information this time since we got to have a real conversation, not just messages left. He says he will try to get out on the lake again today. Of course those folks could have been on the lake for just a brief time and are now long gone....hopefully for good!

Matthew also mentioned he has been getting information that small (short) bass are being taken from the lake, and that the lake is being overfished. If you see any evidence of this he is asking that you please give him a call. His number is 1-715-209-7184.

Thank you!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Interesting article regarding PIgeon Lake.
Thank you Gary!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Timeline and Summary of Pigeon Lake Camp

note the timeline at the end
JUNE 2016
REQUEST: Authority to sell a 0.9 acre parcel of land located in the Town of
Drummond, Bayfield County, and all buildings and infrastructure
improvements on adjacent leased land.
This action will allow the university to work cooperatively with the Board of Commissioners of
Public Lands (BCPL) to dispose of an underutilized property and improvements known as the
Pigeon Lake Field Station (PLFS). The field station is located approximately eight miles west of
Drummond or about 40 miles southwest of Ashland. As part of a lease and associated sale
agreement with the United States (US) Forest Service in 1959, the Board of Regents of State
Colleges purchased several cabins, support buildings, and other site improvements from the US
Forest Service, then leased the underlying land from the Forest Service and later from the BCPL
when the ownership changed in 1989. The camp closed and has been vacant since 2014 due to low
program enrollments, a lack of available programming, and escalating operating costs. Because of
this, the university has declared it underutilized and wishes to dispose of the assets, and BCPL is
also desirous of disposing of the property on which the field station lies. This property sale also
includes an adjacent Board of Regents-owned 0.9 acre parcel of land purchased in 1966 from a
private party. That parcel is surrounded by the BCPL-owned property to the north and the
shoreline of Pigeon Lake to the south.
The BCPL is acting as the lead agency that will execute the sale of the property and
improvements through a public sale process. The property will be offered at a minimum bid price
equal to the appraised value of $1,325,000. The proceeds will be distributed proportionally to
BCPL and the Board of Regents based on each agency’s appraised land values, buildings, and
related improvements. Appraised values as of April 13, 2016, are as follows:
BCPL Land: $487,025
BOR Land: $4,950
Improvements: $838,102
Total: $1,330,077
The Pigeon Lake Field Station is comprised of twenty-one cabins, five academic buildings, and
eleven support buildings sitting on 89.45 acres of land with 1,750 feet of shoreline. Infrastructure
includes a well and water distribution system, an on-site sanitary waste disposal system, electrical
service to all buildings, gravel roads, and parking. From 1959 to the early 1980s, the camp was
primarily used for biological research and other instructional programs that took advantage of the
camp’s rustic natural setting. Since the early 1980s, programming has been in decline and is no
longer a thriving sustainable business model.
In 2014, in an effort to ward off further operating expense deficits, the camp was closed and
mothballed. Efforts were made to transfer the management responsibility of the camp to another
UW university during that year, however no other university was interested in running and
managing the camp. In 2015, a joint decision was made by UW-River Falls, UW System
Administration, and BCPL to sell the land, buildings, and improvements.
No funds are needed for this action.
May 2016: Board of Commissioners of Public Lands approved
June 2016: Board of Regents approval
July 2016: Public sale bidding process
Sept 2016: Closing

Loons in danger.

Hi, with the recent Loon's episode, here is what you can do to help the beautiful loons on Pigeon Lake. Call the warden if you see anything that is threatening the wildlife:

Warden is Matthew Koshellek
715 209 7184Thank you. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Loons in danger - help!!!! (Posted by Trish)

At about 5:30pm I walked down to our dock and observed a smaller white boat with a rounded prow speed across the lake from the north to the south shore. (We are at the western section, along Whispering Pines, north shore)
The boat headed directly towards the loons swimming with their baby on the southern shore. The loons immediately began a distress cry which was repeated through the whole ordeal. I really couldn't believe my eyes as the boaters moved closer and closer even as the loons swam away. I'm not sure if they swung a paddle, but there was a big splash visible from across the lake. At that point I yelled and whistled. The boaters obviously knew they were doing something wrong, Since they immediately turned the boat and motored to the far west section of the lake where O could no longer see them. With my bad eyes I could not see the occupants of the boat. 
When I got here today, about noon, the loons were making quite a ruckus, and I thought that was an odd time of day for that. I am wondering if the same harassment was occurring then too.
Please be vigilant in watching and let's educate and discourage folks from approaching and actually harassing the loons. If you observe a smaller white boat with a rounded prow (it kind of reminded me of an inflatable) plz keep an eye on those individuals and make certain they are not engaging in this behavior. 
The loons are ok thank goodness.
Thank you for your help with this.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

This is a letter to the Editor from John Richter of the Wisconsin Shoreland Initiatve:

The WSI is our front line defense against the new legislations that threaten our waters.

July 21, 2016 Update
Summer greetings!

Fund Raising

It is time for us to ask all of our partners to consider contributions to WSI.  Our funding is at low ebb now and we will need to replenish it for the next session.  I am in hopes that Lake Association Boards will also ask individual members to contribute.  We have been the grateful recipient of four figure donations from some of our Plum Lake people as well as a couple from outside our area.  I hope that others who are capable from around the state will consider making a donation to our efforts.  Financial updates are available on request.  We are working on a PayPal donation capability for the website, but in the interim, please send contributions to Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative, P.O. Box 193, Sayner, WI. 54560

Speaking to Associations

We have been asked to speak to lake associations frequently and there are now two of us to get around the state.  Bill Scott, a member of the steering committee of WSI has volunteered and joined me in Mercer recently for an address to the Turtle Flambeau group.  Bill is an attorney from Milwaukee and has a depth of experience in water law issues.  He was the lawyer to set the strategy on the Lake Beulah high capacity well case that is perhaps the most notable recent Public Trust Doctrine case in Wisconsin.  He is a geologist as well as a lawyer and is well placed for the challenges on our road ahead.  We are both available for a quick update on the last year and our plans for next session as well as what we can expect from both Rep. Jarchow and Sen. Tiffany. In addition, Mary Panzer has volunteered to fill in where needed in this effort.  She will be speaking to Geneva Lake Association later this month at their annual meeting.  If we can help you with a presentation to your meeting, please let me know.


Some of us have been writing letters to the editor and I am attaching one here for your information – it has appeared in 4 or 5 papers s in the last couple of weeks and I plan to continue to send it out.  I sent it personally, not from WSI.  I would encourage you to get your writers together and send them out regularly.

Steering Committee Meeting
We are going to have our first face-to-face meeting of the Steering Committee on August 18th, right after the Wisconsin Lakes/River Alliance advocacy training session in Manitowish Waters at the Discovery Center.  There are two locations for this worthwhile session, the first being in Shell Lake on the 17th and the second being in Manitowish Waters on the 18th. I would encourage you to participate.  Sign up is required @ http://www.wisconsinlakes.org/

                                                                                                   John Richter



They are starting to call us names.  Rep. Adam Jarchow calls us “radical left wing extremists” on WPR.  His partner, Sen. Tom Tiffany, is accusing us on TV of Gestapo style intrusions on private property doing “sweeps”.  The sweeps he refers to are looking for invasive species in the water, which apparently neither of these legislators understands belongs to the public.  Both of these statements are just simply untrue.

It is a sign that we are starting to make an impression as we struggle to recover the rights that they ripped away with their attack last year on local control of our lakes.  It is also a measure of their level of disrespect for lake resident volunteers as citizens, constituents and stewards of our lakes.   We are the lake association members who have selflessly volunteered to care for our lakes and protect them from harm.  We are your neighbors, or your customers, or your friends.  We come from all walks of life and political parties.  Our work is non-partisan because the health of our lakes is not a political issue.

The privilege of living on a lake carries extra responsibilities.  Prime among them is a commitment to do nothing on our property that could negatively affect the water we live next to, that is co-owned by every citizen, and our neighbors.  Our lake associations take on many responsibilities including invasive species, habitat projects, shoreland restoration, water quality and chemistry monitoring.  The list goes on and on - I could fill a page with our efforts.  None of them deserve a political label, because the health of our lakes is not a political issue.

Our lakes and rivers, our shorelands and ground water, are the greatest asset of our state and belong to the people.  They are the foundation of our tax base and our economy in the north.  In my home county of Vilas, riparian property pays 77% of the cost of county government.  You may not know this but tourism increased more than ONE BILLION dollars last year - not many sectors of our economy can match that number.  The waters deserve protection for reasons of economics as well as preserving our natural gifts for our kids.

We have one goal:  to maintain healthy lakes for the people, for our economy and for the kids and grandchildren of every citizen, all the owners of our lakes.   Private property rights include the rights to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our families.  If one of my “rights” damages my neighbor or my states’ waters, it ceases to be a right, and becomes a responsibility for me to fix.

Sen. Tiffany and Rep. Jarchow are hiding behind a curtain they call “private property rights”.  It’s a disguise.  Don’t be fooled by that.

John Richter, Sayner

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Here is a link to the new shoreland zoning rules of Wisconsin.

Very informational....


 you may have to edit/copy /paste the link to view, or else go to youtube.com and search for shoreland zoning.

minimum lot size is now 65 feet on "sewered" lots.....
setback is shortened, shoreland building heights increased

Through-out Wisconsin all shoreland development is now one size fits all.

Also great info on shoreland development/mowing etc vs leaving undeveloped shoreland and the positive/negative impacts.

I am attending NW WI Lakes Conference in Spooner this Friday.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Passing of James Michael Auchue (Posted by Gwen Samp)

Mazomanie--James Michael Auchue passed away on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 after a two year battle with brain cancer.
Jim was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison on February 13, 1954.  He spent  his grade school years at St. Raphael’s Catholic School where he was proud to be appointed the president of the Acolyte Society.  He graduated from Madison East High School in 1972.  He earned his BA in Vocational Rehabilitation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his Master’s degree in Industrial Recreation from the University of Minnesota.

Jim is survived by his wife, Linda (McGinley) Auchue; sisters-in-law, Laurie McGinley and Judy (Jim) Melton;  brother-in-law, Richard (Jen) McGinley; nephews, Chris (Sarah Nelson) Wilson, Andrew (Rhiannon) Wilson, James Gottschalk, Brett (Kara) Gottschalk; nieces, Danielle Wilson and Alyssa and Amanda McGinley; great-nieces, Adyson and Amelia Wilson; and great-nephew, Charlie Wilson; as well as his many cousins and friends.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Clayton and Florence Auchue; his sister, Patricia Wilson; and brother-in-law, John Wilson.

Jim was devoted and loyal to his family and friends.  He celebrated their accomplishments and encouraged them when life took a wrong turn.

Jim’s spent over 30 years working to improve the employment environment and personal lives of disabled individuals.  He started working in Human Resources for Minnesota Diversified Industries in St. Paul in 1978. He and Linda relocated to Siren in 1989 when Jim was hired as Director of Diversified Services.  They moved back to the Madison area in 1999 when Jim took over management of Valley Packaging.  In 2008, Jim left the rehab business and started Blue Sky Painting.  In 2012, with his dog Lucy, he added canine bed bug detection services to his business.

Jim had a zest for life that led to numerous hobbies and interests.  He played hockey and golf.  He started playing hockey on the outdoor rinks on Madison’s north side and moved on to play at East High, on the UW JV team and the Madison Capitals.  He continued to play organized adult hockey until he was 55, although his favorite games were the pickup games at Tenney Park.

He was an avid fisherman.  He always looked forward to the annual fishing trips with his buddies and would spend hours hunting those elusive perch and walleye.  In fall he could be found walking the woods and fields hunting pheasant and grouse with his beloved golden retrievers.

When not playing hockey, golfing, fishing or hunting, Jim could be found in his workshop.  Many of his friends and relatives have enjoyed a cocktail sitting on one of his double Adirondack chairs.  He loved to find new uses for old wood and paneling and was very generous with the products that came out of his workshop.

Jim is known for his sense of humor. He liked to laugh and he loved to make others laugh.  He entertained his many, many friends and relatives throughout his life and those memories will live on.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, May 18, 2016, at ST. PETER CATHOLIC CHURCH, 5001 N. Sherman Avenue with Msgr. Charles Schluter presiding.  Visitation will be from 5-8 p.m. on Tues. May 17.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

AGENDA - AIS Round Table

LWCD logo.pngLake Group AIS Round Table

Where:   Drummond Civic Center, at the end of Wisconsin Ave on Front St.

When:    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 


8:30   Meet & Greet – Coffee & Refreshments Provided

9:00     Welcome & Introductions       Andrew Teal, BC AIS Project Coordinator

                                                            AIS Committee Members

                                                            Lake Groups

                                                            Tim Kane, Event Facilitator

                                                            UW Extension, Community Development Educator

9:15     Outline for Morning & Expectations - Resource Binder
9:30     Major projects-Hydraulic Conveyor, Invasive Species ID Day

10:00   Details of Watercraft Inspection Programs; Getting & Keeping Program Volunteers

10:45   Lake and Shoreline Monitoring Efforts - Planning, Early Detection & Rapid Response

  11:45   Wrap-Up and Announcements

12:00   Adjourn.  Thank you and be sure to use the resources!