Thursday, July 19, 2018

Federal Funding.

Good Morning Ms. Bantle -

My coworker Jon let me know that you were interested in learning more
about federal funding to see if there were any grants available to help
with the pumping of excess water from a lake.  Below and attached are
some resources I hope you find helpful.  Please feel free to reach out
should you have additional questions!

As you may know, federal assistance is available in a variety of forms
and includes federal grants, loans, and certain types of contracts.
Senator Baldwin and her staff work with and oversee federal agencies on
a wide variety of topics, including federal funding assistance for
non-profit organizations, institutes of higher education, and local
governments.  Although some resources are accessible to individuals and
businesses, federal funding is most commonly available to eligible
public or non-profit entities that serve a public purpose. I have
attached two Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports titled
_Resources for Grantseekers_ and _How to Develop a Grant Proposal_ to
this email, which contain helpful information about federal grant
eligibility and various sources of funding.

All federal grant opportunities are posted on the website
[1]. This website also includes a search function and guidelines for
interested applicants on how to apply for federal funding. You can
access a user guide for additional guidance on how to
register your organization and navigate this website here [2].

In addition to, the Foundation Center [3], a non-governmental
organization established in 1956, remains a leading source of
information about private philanthropy worldwide. Seven Wisconsin
libraries belong to the Foundation Center's Funding Information Network,
a nation-wide network of nearly 500 collections that provide information
about foundation and corporate giving. Each of the seven Funding
Information Network locations throughout Wisconsin [4] provide _free
on-site access_ to an online database of foundation grants, as well as
print materials. In addition, a recording of the Foundation Center's
_Introduction to Proposal Writing_ webinar is available online here [5].
This video goes over the basics of proposal writing and includes tips
and best practices.

I am also including some information for the U.S. Department of
Agriculture - Rural Development's Programs & Services [6].

More information and links to additional resources that may be of
interest to you are available on the Senator's website, [7].

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I apologize and forgot to include the venue in the original blogpost.

The meeting On Tuesday, July 31st, at 1:00 will be at the Drummond Civic Center which is right across the street from the library.
Hope to see everyone there.

Pigeon Lake Aftermath

Thank you to everyone who is helping and communicating regarding Pigeon Lake and the aftermath effects of the June 16-17 storm.

In order to find out how to best deal with the current situation, to plan for the future and to share information regarding personal property issues of those who have lake cabins and homes,  a meeting has been scheduled.

This meeting will be on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at 1:00pm.
Representatives of many agencies have been invited and hopefully will make their best efforts to attend.

Come to share your concerns and ideas. Please pass this information and invitation on to any you think would be interested.

Thank you,
Trish Bantle
Pigeon Lake Association
Thank you to everyone who is helping and communicating regarding Pigeon Lake and the aftermath effects of the June 16-17 storm.

In order to find out how to best deal with the current situation, to plan for the future and to share information regarding personal property issues of those who have lake cabins and homes,  a meeting has been scheduled.

This meeting will be on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at 1:00pm.
Representatives of many agencies have been invited and hopefully will make their best efforts to attend.

Please come to share your concerns and ideas.

Thank you,
Trish Bantle
Pigeon Lake Association

Sunday, July 1, 2018



"a social gathering"

Hosted by: Hayes Family 10465 Whispering Pine

3:00 PM for conversation (1000 year rain perhaps?) & short meeting.  Potluck and a bonfire will follow.
Meat, beverages, plates and utensils will be provided.
             Please bring side dish, salad or dessert and a chair.

Come rain or shine. Family and guests are very welcome. 
  *2018 PLA Membership form attached  


"a social gathering"

Pigeon Lake Association
Bayfield County, Wisconsin
2018 Membership Application

Mission Statement:  
"To Protect & Preserve Pigeon Lake, its watersheds and ecosystems"


Mailing Address: (permanent) ______________________________________
______________________________________________________  Lake Address: ___________________________________________________
Emails: _________________________________________________________
Phone #'s: (Lake) _______________________  (Home) __________________
               (Cells) ___________________________________________

Where would you like your mail sent?

_____ Pigeon Lake during months of ________________________________
_____ Permanent home during months of ____________________________

Annual Dues:  $10.00  (extra donations welcome)
Your dues support: water quality studies, education and workshops, membership in County and State Lake organizations, annual meeting & picnic.

Make check payable to:  Pigeon Lake Association
Mail to:  Susan Ritchie, PLA Treasurer, PO Box 41, Haugen, WI 54841

Connect with your Lake & Neighbors year around: 
Facebook:  Pigeon Lake Drummond, WI

     Historic 1000 Year Rain   June 15-16, 2018

Monday, June 25, 2018

 Well and Septic Concerns addressed by Mark Jerome, Drummond, Director of Public Works
 As far as  well water goes.
I would recommend buying bottled water or getting water from here in Town to drink. We have an outside spigot at the town shop or at the Drummond Campground that folks may use to fill their containers with.  Once the water has gone down residents should get their well water tested for bacteria before beginning to drink it again. Testing can be done at Drummond Sanitary. 

 I (Mark) also found this article that does a good job addressing  concerns with regard to septic systems on the lake.

Whenever the water table is high or your sewage system is threatened by flooding there is a risk that sewage will back up into your home. The only way to prevent this backup is to relieve pressure on the system by using it less.

  1. What are some suggestions offered by experts for homeowners with flooded septic systems?
  2. Use common sense. If possible, don't use the system if the soil is saturated and flooded. The wastewater will not be treated and will become a source of pollutionConserve water as much as possible while the system restores itself and the water table fails.
  3. Prevent silt from entering septic systems that have pump chambers. When the pump chambers are flooded, silt has a tendency to settle in the chambers and will clog the drainfield if it is not removed.
  4. Do not open the septic tank for pumping while the soil is still saturated. Mud and silt may enter the tank and end up in the drainfield. Furthermore, pumping out a tank that is in saturated soil may cause it to "pop out" of the ground. (Likewise, recently installed systems may "pop out" of the ground more readily than older systems because the soil has not had enough time to settle and compact.)
  5. Do not dig into the tank or drain field area while the soil is still wet or flooded. Try to avoid any work on or around the disposal field with heavy machinery while the soil is still wet. These activities will ruin the soil conductivity.
  6. Flooding of the septic tank will have lifted the floating crust of fats and grease in the septic tank. Some of this scum may have floated and/or partially plugged the outlet tee. If the septic system backs up into the house check the tank first for outlet blockage. Clean up any floodwater in the house without dumping it into the sink or toilet and allow enough time for the water to recede. Floodwaters from the house that are passed through or pumped through the septic tank will cause higher flows through the system. This may cause solids to transfer from the septic tank to the drainfield and will cause clogging.
  7. Locate any electrical or mechanical devices the system may have that could be flooded to avoid contact with them until they are dry and clean.
  8. Aerobic plants, upflow filters, trickling filters, and other media filters have a tendency to clog due to mud and sediment. These systems will need to be washed and raked.

 Hope this helps if you have any questions give me a call. (715) 580-0115.

Mark Jerome
Director of Public Works
Drummond Sanitry District #1
Office # (715) 739-6741
Cell # (715) 580-0115
If your well is in the water or close to the water and you would like to have it tested, Mark Jerome is the sanitary districts operator for Drummond. He would be the one to contact for testing.
Slow/No Wake on Pigeon Lake is in effect and enforceable by law.
Jeff Kistner is the Recreation Officer and he is the one who will respond. 
Our neighbors and shoreline need this ordinance. Please follow and also help to enforce by sharing information with others.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Town hall meeting- flood.

From: Andy Tuttle
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2018 5:00 PM
Subject: Extra Town Board Meeting
Town Board meeting tomorrow night to address flood damage. 
Andy Tuttle, clerk
Town of Drummond
715-499-5536day (cell)
715-739-6774office (message)


Town Board meeting tomorrow night to address flood damage.

Andy Tuttle, clerk
Town of Drummond
715-499-5536 day (cell)
715-739-6774 office (message) <>

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Letter to Drummond Town Chairman:

Hello Royden,

My name is Trish Bantle and I am the President of the Pigeon Lake Association.

As an association we would request a TEMPORARY EMERGENCY SLOW-NO-WAKE restriction on Pigeon Lake. As you are very aware, Pigeon Lake is experiencing unusually high water levels due to the recent rain events.
The 4th of July holiday weekend, which brings increased recreational lake activity, will soon be upon us. 
This slow/no wake restriction is needed because fast boating, even if done beyond the DNR's 100-foot limit, can cause wakes capable of damaging or destroying docks and other structures. Wakes at this time can also damage sensitive shoreline and plants important to the health of the lake.

Bayfield County Lakes Forum has requested this restriction of Sheriff Susienka as well. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Trish Bantle
President Pigeon Lake Association
East end of Pigeon Lake road passable as of 6pm Tuesday June 19th.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Rainfall - Pigeon Lake

The residents of Pigeon Lake should check out their property due to water that is 3-4” above the recorded high water mark for property line assessment.
        Rainfall levels recorded (estimated) from Friday, June 15 thru Monday, June 18, 2018:
                    Friday, June 15             2.5”
                    Sat-Sun, June 16-17    15.4”
                    Sun-Mon, June 17-18     .7”
                            TOTAL                 18.6”
Residents on Pigeon Lake’s north shore are cut off from access to their property due to 2’ to 4’ of water across Pigeon Lake Road on both east and west access to Black Duck Road.
The Drummond Road Crew is presently working on the east access and then later today will start on the west access.
Pigeon Lake Road has many deep ruts and wash out areas, so travel at your own risk if you attempt travel.
Most residents have lost their beach area, piers, boats and lawn furniture; and have acquired flooding in the basement.
The good news, no rain is predicted for this week.

Posting by Karen & Les Watters. 

Flooding- Pigeon Lake

Our cabin is under two feet of water. Our green Newtown canoe and the green kayak are floating somewhere in the lake. Hope someone can find them.   Thank you. 

2018 Storm Update

Update on 2018 storm Monday June 18, 2018 9:30am

This information from Doug Hayes:
The only way in for folks who have cabins on the north side of the lake is from the West (Barnes) end. There is a 500 foot long section where there is 12 inches of water over Pigeon Lake Road and 4wd clearance is necessary to travel across that section. If you do not have 4wd with clearance, you will not get to your property. That is the only way in at the moment other than if you have a boat, if your cabin is on that side.

When driving on N, there are a lot of washouts and it is basically a one lane road, coming out of Drummond. The closer to the lake you get, the worse it gets. has updates on road closures

Anyone with  dock in the water will find it underwater. Many docks have left there spots and are floating around the lake.

Folks on the southside have water running out of the forest, across their properties, down the embankments and into the lake.

Please use caution when traveling to your cabin and when out on the lake. There is a lot of extra debris in the lake so only boat slowly while watching for floating docks and etc...

Hopefully some degree of normalcy will return this week.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Aquatic Invasive Species.

Hello Lake Friends,
The Aquatic Invasive Species grant pays for 2 tickets to this event. Lots of great information and a tasty lunch too.
If you are interested let me know.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Posting by Trish.

All Sawyer, Washburn, and Bayfield County Lake Associatios are invited to attend this 7pm Friday, April 27 NRP Annual Meeting of the NRP at Sawmill Saloon.You're part of the watershed. Be part of the solution!We invite you to learn more about the Namekagon River Partnership!Guest speaker, Mike Anderson, will share his story of canoeing the Namekagon, St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers from Lake Namakagon to the Gulf of Mexico cleaning up garbage and connecting with people the entire way!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

FRANK SAMP - posting by Gwen

FRANK SAMP    SEPT 5, 1930 - APRIL 20, 2018


Gwen Samp. 

Friday, April 20, 2018


I am very sad to share the news of the passing of Frank Samp. An excellent friend and steward of our lake and community. The end of an era for Pigeon Lake and Drummond township. Sending love and support to his bride and true love Gwen. Thank you Frank. The lake will forever be changed by your positive influence, and will never be the same now that you have passed on. 

Trish Bantle 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Grant awarded to Pigeon Lake Association (posting by Trish)

Pigeon Lake Association was awarded a grant by the DNR for an aquatic plant survey. This survey will give us a baseline of the plants in the lake and also is a positive measure for ensuring we are AIS  (aquatic invasive species) free, and if not, to begin the process to mitigate any AIS problems.
The plant survey is scheduled for July 20-22, 2018 and results should be able to be shared at this year's picnic.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Posting by Trish Bantle

 Lakes Forum Explores CAFOs and Shoreland Zoning Rule Changes

More than 40 clean lake advocates were updated on the threat of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) to the surface waters of Bayfield County and how this impact could affect water quality and waterfront property values. The open discussion took place at the 2017 Bayfield County Lakes Forum Annual Meeting held Saturday in Drummond. Mary Dougherty, a leading advocate for responsible regulation of CAFOs offered an overview of the issue and the county’s efforts to create effective policies that encourage responsible agricultural endeavors without sacrificing quality of life or creating a public health hazard. Following the conversation, the BCLF unanimously passed a resolution commending the Bayfield County Supervisors for their proactive approach to this issue and calling for them to create “a public health ordinance that requires large-scale swine and poultry operations to develop and implement a plan to monitor and contain influenza and other viral disease outbreaks.”
Next, John Richter, Director of the Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative (WSI) ( outlined WSI’s effort to return local control of shoreland zoning regulation to the zoning departments of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. Two years ago, Act 55 removed local control of waterfront development regulation, eliminating many of the rules that protect water quality important to over 10,000 lakes in the northern tiers of counties. Richter, a waterfront homeowner from Vilas County, emphasized the need for conservation organizations and lake associations to participate in WSI’s effort to minimize damage done by the changes made by the State Legislature’s recent pro-development actions. Jennifer Croonberg-Murphy from Bayfield County Planning & Zoning Department explained specifics regarding the changes in shoreland zoning regulations caused by Act 55 and other legislation, stating that Bayfield County will seek input from lake associations and others to develop new policies regarding zoning rules for waterfront development. BCLF has formed a committee to provide input to the County Board as this new language is developed.
Group discussion then turned to a bill now being considered by the legislature that would allow developers to fill non-federal wetlands without permit or oversight and another attempt to allow developers to substantially dredge public lakebeds without DNR consent or knowledge, actions highly detrimental to water quality and habitat.
Senator Janet Bewley (D-Mason) pointed out the need for citizens, local town boards, and conservation organizations to voice their opinions on both CAFOs and local control of shoreland zoning. Bewley emphasized that the legislature needs to hear that the northern counties stand together on these issues.
In other business, those attending elected two board members. A plea was made for all waterfront owners and each of the county’s lake organizations to play an active role in protecting water quality and waterfront property values by supporting the BCLF. All are invited to serve on a committee or the Board of Directors. Groups and individuals are encouraged to contribute to BCLF’s work by sending a check to Ellen Lafans, BCLF Treasurer, 20325 SW Crystal Lane, Cable, WI 54821. The Bayfield County Lakes Forum is a citizen-volunteer organization representing 22 lake organizations and over 3,000 waterfront owners. It is not supported by or part of the Bayfield County government. Visit for more information. For more on CAFOs, see

Friday, September 22, 2017

Hello to all the Pigeon Lake residents....just wanted to send a note to let you know that as of November 30 I will officially no longer be a resident at 10054 County Hwy N.  I have sold my home to a couple, Jean and Peter Solac, and they are interested in meeting all of you.  They are kayakers and hikers and love the quiet of our little lake and will be taking over December 1. 

On Saturday, October 21, from 4-7 I'm hosting a light supper and farewell to family and friends and each of you are invited to stop by and give me a chance to say good by to all of you.  I would love to see you then.

For just a little history, my folks bought this property in 1957 and my brother and I took over in 1990.  So there has been a Ringelstetter here for 60 years.  Roger still has his property by the road but it is also for sale.....end of delightful and decades long fond memories for all of us. 

Mary Ringelstetter

Bayfield County Zoning Commission.

Hello Everyone,
Please read the results of a Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting yesterday, included below.
BY February 2018, the Bayfield County Zoning Commission may have a plan to effectively return shoreland zoning rights to the County of Bayfield.

This would mean that the county would return to determining lot size, setback and etc, rather than the STATE government mandates of “one size fits all”  for all lakes in Wisconsin. The state currently says that a Lake in the middle of Madison is the same as a pristine lake in Northern Wisconsin. Thus, all lakes can be developed to the same degree.  The State’s rules open up many shoreland options for development that are detrimental to the health of the lakes. Their rules also  allow cabins every 50 feet of shoreline, rather than any county’s previous rules. In Bayfield County, a class 3 lake such as Pigeon requires 300 feet of frontage for new dwellings. Lake classifications were also done away with by Act 55, but there is hope we can regain that as well

This is a huge protection for our lakes. Many thanks to the folks who wrote to the Zoning Commission voicing their opinions against ACT 55. It seems as our voices were heard and that our elected officials are listening!

Also, please, if you are able, consider attending the Bayfield County Lakes Forum Meeting (Flier attached) on October 7 at the Drummond Town Hall.


From: Ellen Lafans []
Sent: Friday, September 22, 2017 11:44 AM
To: Ellen Lafans <>
Subject: Bayfield County Zoning and Planning Committee Meeting 9.21.17

Hello all,  
Yesterday, our hardworking Bayfield County Planning and Zoning Committee agreed to work with lake associations and towns and to have a plan set by Feb. 2018 on zoning issues. (As many of you are aware, lake classifications, ordinances & protections were gutted by something call ACT 55.)
I spoke very briefly at the very start of the committee meeting in favor of this before they discussed this issue. I described that I was from BCLF, and that myself and Roger Dreher were willing to work with them on behalf of the BCLF. I presume that appropriate folks and other experts will be working with Jennifer Croonberg-Murphy from the zoning administration to come up with plans. They will be dividing groups into two groups, on shore land and other lands, so that we can concentrate on shore land. They did not describe how they would find experts to work with them...
Susan Hedman and others did a marvelous job of laying the groundwork for this work to begin.  See below email from Susan outlining this idea as well as flier about meeting.
We will be further discussing this at our BCLF annual meeting on Oct 7th @ 10 am in Drummond. Please invite those that would be interested in this issue as this will be a very good meeting that is at the heart of why we need BCLF as well as our lake associations! Every Bayfield County Lake Association should send at least one rep. 
If you know of folks interested in serving on the BCLF Board, we will be electing officers at this time. 
Best regards,
Ellen Lafans
Board member:  BCLF  
Crystal Lake/Cable
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Susan Hedman <>
Date: Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 9:28 AM
Subject: Bayfield County Zoning
To: "William D. Bussey" <>
Hi Bill –
The Bayfield County Planning and Zoning Committee’s recent decision to postpone consideration of proposed shoreline zoning amendments has generated a lot of discussion among Towns and Lake Associations.  Those discussions have focused primarily on options to amend the County’s general zoning ordinance, since DNR guidance makes clear that Act 55 does not prevent counties from using general zoning authority to continue to regulate density, lot size, setbacks, multiple unit developments, land uses, etc. to protect public health, safety and welfare – provided general zoning provisions more restrictive than Act 55 do not apply exclusively to shoreland.  For instance, Bayfield County's general zoning ordinance could be amended to:
·         Operationalize the bank and bluff setback provision in the proposed shoreline zoning amendments, by creating a county-wide overlay district based on soil suitability and slope -- showing zones where development is permitted, prohibited or subject to conditional uses. Bayfield County developed a preliminary version of such an overlay district during its comprehensive planning process when it published a "Natural Resources Protection Areas" overlay map in the county's Comprehensive Plan:
·         Update zoning classicfications to ensure consistency with densities in Comprehensive Land-Use Plans that have been developed by the County and Towns; and
·         Update open-space requirements for Multiple Unit Developments.
UW Extension land use experts (Tim Kane and Brian Ohm) have identified several zoning ordinances that other Wisconsin counties have adopted to address some of these issues:
  • Buffalo County has a steep soils overlay district and a suitable soils overlay district in the county zoning ordinance:  
  • Waukesha County has an ordinance restricting development in areas of shallow groundwater.  This provision is in Waukesha County’s stormwater ordinance and is referenced in the zoning ordinance.  A copy of the Waukesha ordinance is attached to this e-mail.
  • County and municipal subdivision/land division ordinances also sometimes have provisions like the following language from the City of Madison code:                                 
No land shall be subdivided which is held by the City Plan Commission to be unsuitable for use by reason of flooding, bad drainage, soil or rock formations with severe limitations for development, severe erosion potential, or unfavorable topography, or any other feature likely to be harmful to health, safety or welfare of future residents or landowners in the proposed subdivision or of the community.
This provision was upheld in a 1993 Court of Appeals case, Busse v. City of Madison, 177 Wis.2d 808, 503 N.W.2d 340.
I understand that a number of Towns and Lake Associations would like an opportunity to work with the County to explore these ideas – and they have indicated that help may also be available from UW Extension, the State Soil Scientist and other experts. This is a remarkable opportunity to form a small workgroup to assist County zoning staff.   I am hoping that you might be willing to propose something like this for Planning and Zoning Committee consideration.  Would you be willing to do so at the meeting this week?
Thank you for considering this suggestion -- and for your leadership on the County Board.
Your constituent,


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Minutes of Meeting 2017

FYI, the minutes of meeting were recorded by Secretary Sandy Maclaughlin.
Thank you.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pigeon Lake Association Annual Picnic    8/12/17  Hosted by Linda Auchue

Members present:  Linda Auchue, Trish Bantle, Gary Harms, Hayes family (Doug, Julie & Virginia), Andrew Hong, Audrey Hutter, Marilyn Mellor, John and Sandy MacLaughlin,
Susan and Lance Ritchie, Gwen and Frank Samp & Les and Karen Watters
Guests:  3

Meeting called to order by President Trish Bantle.


Pigeon Lake membership packets and welcome letter from President were distributed.

Minutes were approved.  Treasurer Susan Ritchie reported that a checking account has been opened.  With recent donations, current balance to $633.94. Board Director at Large positions are unfilled.  Email to request a packet or volunteer.

Becoming an official Lake Association with bylaws and membership dues was discussed.
Dues for the year were set at $10 with 1 vote per unit.  Funds will be used to support and join with Initiatives and Associations that work to protect and preserve our lake. Registration fees for PLA members representing Association at NW Lake Conference could be covered.  A land management plan and grant applications will be explored.  

Lance Ritchie moved (seconded by Andrew Hong) to accept Bylaws and officially form the 
Pigeon Lake Association. Motion passed by show of hands.  Development of an official letterhead was recommended by Gary Harms.

Lake Updates:

Signs at Boat Landing are now moved out of water and back onto shore by DNR thanks to numerous calls from Trish. In July Trish participated in the Invasive Snapshot - a visual inspection of 4 Lakes in the area.  No invasive species were found on Pigeon Lake.

Although WI no longer recognizes lake class (Pigeon Lake Class C Most Sensitive), 
Bayfield County will hopefully continue to honor lake classifications.  Doug Hayes expressed concern on current bass size limits. DNR does an annual count and sets those limits.

Be watchful for a boater with a red truck parked at boat landing. He has reportedly been taking fish of all sizes for bear bait.  Please get license number & contact Game Warden if observed.

Two loon pairs have been sited.  Audrey Hutter also spotted two babies on East end near Hotters earlier in summer.  Beavers have returned.  Ducks & geese continue to annoy. 

Les Watters shared that Eureka Gravel Pit on Pigeon Lake Road has not yet been active.

Pigeon Lake Field Station will be put up for auction after required notifications.  Price has reportedly dropped to $1.2 million. Johnson Company is not interested.

Communication & Advocacy
Blog: remains active.l
Facebook:  Pigeon Lake Drummond Wisconsin
Facebook invite will come from Trish under name Trish Young
Bayfield County Board Rep: James Crandall (715) 209-5545
DNR Contact:  (715) 795-2565 in Barnes
Game Warden: Matthew Koshollek (715) 209-7184 

Picnic 2018 will be hosted by Doug and Julie Hayes - date to be set.